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Kimberly Tsumbu


Greeting Friends!!!


Tsumbu Productions LLC specializes in providing film and photography services to film productions, businesses, and private parties. Tsumbu Productions LLC was founded by Kimberly Tsumbu in 2019.


Kimberly is an executive producer, director, and photographer. She grew up in Triangle, Virginia. Her love for film and photography blossomed when she inherited 11 cameras in 2014 from her late father. She went on to study cinematography at Liberty University's Zaki Gordon Cinematic Arts Center. After graduation, she pursued an education in business. 


Today she combines her passions of business, film, and photography to serve her community by creating media marketing content with a zing. 


Why Do We Do What We Do:

Behind every event there is always another story to be told. A story of laughter, near tragedy, great triumphs, utter exhaustion, and the faces of self-fulfillment.   


This story is a story worthy of being told . 


And we would love to tell it!


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